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About The Filter Coffee

The Filter Coffee is a non-partisan web blog focusing on foreign policy, defense, strategic affairs and governance.  It advocates:

  1. Independence in foreign policy initiatives that are reflective of India’s long term interests and its growing prominence in the world;

  2. Advancement of a military apparatus capable of projecting India’s growing regional and global influence;

  3. Development of law and enforcement mechanisms capable of securing the integrity of the State, as well sustaining its societal and cultural fabric and its financial assets;

  4. Promotion of a macroeconomic model that encourages private entrepreneurship, yet maintains State interest in critical areas;

  5. Equitable development of society that embraces its diversity and affords protection, through words and deeds, to all sections;

  6. Maturation of a democracy that encourages debate on policy rather than on identity.

Above all else, the blog supports involved discourse on issues of foreign policy and military affairs, and the growth of a culture of openness to such issues, beyond only the conventional “publication” based advocacies made by strategic think tanks.

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