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Moving to The Indian National Interest

Blogging (and in the process, learning) about issues that are near and dear to this blogger, and indeed, to the readers of The Filter Coffee over the course of the the past year and a half has been tremendously fulfilling.

The natural progression for this blog, then, is to collaborate and engage with other bloggers with coinciding interests through the medium of a common platform.  As part of that progression, The Filter Coffee is moving to The Indian National Interest.

The Indian National Interest (INI) is a non-partisan community of individuals committed to economic freedom, realism in international relations, an open society, a culture of tolerance and good governance. Its efforts are directed towards increasing public awareness and education on strategic affairs and public policy.

In an October 2009 blogpost I wrote:

The Filter Coffee has long held the position that discussion on the defense of India needs to move away from think tanks and into our living rooms.  It is only then that true accountability can be demanded, both from the system, riddled as it is with bureaucratic inefficiency and corruption, and from the media, who today get a free pass on peddling half-truths and sweeping generalizations on an unsuspecting public.

Indeed, the focus of this blog shall remain dedicated to raising awareness of issues relating to foreign policy, defense, strategic affairs and governance so that India’s citizens can demand the accountability they deserve from their elected representatives on their pursuit of India’s national interests.

I am grateful to all readers whose involvement has encouraged and challenged this blogger to evolve thinking and discourse on issues of vital importance to India.  Please join this blog in its new avatar at The Filter Coffee (INI)


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  1. Anusia says:

    A new type of post. Liked it.

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