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Pax Barackana

The election is over. This has been the most comprehensive win for a United States presidential candidate in recent history. Barack Obama has won the presidential election, and we can hope that he is able to bring this divisive country together. I hope he is able to demonstrate to the rest of the world that the America whose ideals were established by the Founding Fathers three hundred years ago, is alive and well.

Obama’s parental heritage and experiences as a kid growing up in other parts of the world allows him to think of the world and America’s place in it along the lines in which no previous president has ever been able to do.  A new presidency will hopefully begin in America in January, one in which its leaders, believe that harmony can only be achieved through consensus and compromise.

With Omaba’s presidency, I hope to see corrected the suffering that innocent across the world that have endured, the dismissal and mistreatment of the nations across the world just because they have a different opinion and the neglect of America and the UN’s commitment to human rights across the world. The global economy is in shambles, Iraq and Afghanistan are discombobulating, and the world is running out of non-renewable sources of energy. America has long claimed that it is the world’s singular superpower. Now is the time to step up and show true leadership.

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