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Who are they kidding?

These cheerleaders have had as much to cheer about the Royal Challengers as they typically have with the Redskins.

So, I’m starting off my first post ever on the decision of the Maharashtra government to ban cheerleaders at any of the IPL games played in Mumbai. What a wonderful idea. As we all well know, these women are “worse than bar dancers” and are making a “mockery of cricket”. Or so Shatrughan Sinha, actor and political nut-job at large would have you believe. He goes on to add, “if you’re so interested in deploying these cheer girls who dance hits of fours and sixes, it is better to give chance to the bar girls who became unemployed after Maharashtra government banned their dance in bars.”

Deploy? What are they, nuclear weapons?

That Sinha, a member of an industry that produces the most vulgar, n’th rate, fizzle assed entertainment year round, would speak out against this “indecent dance” is an exercize in utterly nauseating hypocrisy. Even in a country where hypocrisy is the norm, this is stunning. After his initial uproar about the cheerleaders (who were “semi-nude”, according to one other bastion of morality in our country), he seems now to be perfectly happy if they were to get replaced by unemployed bar girls from Mumbai. So basically, no phoren hos, only desi ones. Be Indian, salivate over Indian.

If there’s anyone who should outraged, it should be the cheerleaders, who have traveled half way across the world to come and perform in 110 degree temperatures, only to be verbally abused and heckled. In Bangalore, inebriated spectators (inebriation is the default state, in the “City of Pubs”), “exhorted” the girls to come down and dance with them. Apparently anyone wearing a skirt and showing a bit of skin is a sex starved whore who should be willing to sleep with anyone making even a half-enthusiastic solicitation.

Someone should ask our moral police if this is also part of the “ancient culture and tradition” that they keep harping on about. I need a look for a bucket to get sickened to.

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